Residential Remodeling and Renovation

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An Addition Should Look Like it Was Original

Many room additions look like an addition. Little effort is given, in most cases, to matching the original design of the home. ATX Design Build is expert at merging roof lines ande exterior finish styles to hide the fact that an addition has been built onto the home.

Many of our clients told us they were told by other builders it couldn't be done or could for a hefty sum. We are deeply rooted in experience with structure and flow. Technically complex builds are our forte.

All walls are bearing. The term "Bearing Wall" refers to a wall which carries the weight of a roof structure. Any wall can be removed if the builder knows how.

ATX Design Build - Residential Remodeling

Room Additions

Gain square footage and overall home value with a room addition.

Home Renovation

ATX Design Build sopecializes in space optimizaation and traffic flow. Many times your current floor plan can be reconfigured to create more space.

Bearing Walls

Open concept is practical and popular with our clients. ATX Design Build is your builder of choice for complex builds.

Residential Remodeling Services

  • Room Additions
  • Complete Home Renovation
  • Second Story Addition
  • Kitchen/Bath Reconfiguration
  • ADU Conversions and New Builds

Why ATX Design Build?

For years ATX Design Build has met the challenges of complex buiding requirements. Our staff of skilled artisans are managed by building industry veterans. Austin has no licensing requirements for builders. As a result, many of the builders you will interview for your project are likely new to the industry and inexperienced in the critical details of your project.