Frequently Asked Questions

In Austin, one of the top 10 fastest growing markets in America, there is great opportunity and profitability in the construction industry. Coupled with the fact that Austin has no licensing requirements for residential remodelers, home owners are in a very risky position when choosing a remodeler for their project. There are a great number of neophytes and opportunists with little or no industry experience looking for work.
An architect/designer is an important part of your project. Although he may know the most of any of your vendors about the design of your project, he has about the same knowlege about budget and project management as your plumbing vendor. You should enlist the aid of a builder to guide all phases of your project, including design.
Most projects do not require you to move out, although the process can create a unique environment in which you will live temporarily. Depending upon the scope of work, we can typically work only in a designated part of the house while you are comfortable in the remainder. When we have to remove key items of a room, like a kitchen, we will not demo the kitchen until the cabinets are ready for installation.
The premitting process is very technical and requires information from many premium vendors you may not have access to: Engineers, Surveyors, Project Estimators and more. The individual who pulls the permit is responsible for satisfactory completion of the project. Leave permitting to your builder.
As a builder, we receive many goods and services at industry discounts. Additionally, if you purchase the materials you are responisible for delivery, storage, damages and quality assurance. The small amount saved is not worth the liability.
ATX Design Build produces original design drawings in-house based upon your project's dimensions, your needs, and most importantly, your budget in mind. A builder's intimate knowlege of costs of materials and services ensures that your design is achievable for a reasonable budget.
Every project we build is assigned an experienced project manager. His primary job is to ensure your project is completed as rapidly as possible. We demand that our projects move forward as materials and weather availability allow.

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